Velmiro Heights Overhead Water Tank

Scope of Works:

a) Structural Works

-Foundation, Beams, Columns

b) Electrical Works

– Basic Electrical Works for Water Pump

c) Plumbing Works

– Piping Works

NCF Retaining Wall

Scope of Works:

a) Excavation

b) Rebar Works

c) Formworks Preparation

d) Structural Concreting Works

NCF Basketball Court and Site Dev’t.

Scope of Works:

a) Site Development

– 22 parking slots

– Concrete Pavement

b) FIBA Standard Basketball Court with 8 sets Bleachers

– Earthworks

– Rebar Preparation / Installation

– Concreting Works

– Welding Works (for bleachers)

– Painting Works (for column and court lines)

LJ Industries Warehouse

Scope of Works:

  1. Site Development (8 parking slots, Concrete pavement)
  2. Warehouse Building Structure (Structural, Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, FDAS, Plumbing)

Chong Hua Retaining Wall

Scope of Work:

  1. Survey works
  2. Clearing and grabbing
  3. Excavation
  4. Concrete footing
  5. Rebar works
  6. Formworks
  7. Structural concrete wall
  8. Dewatering and Site Management

AFP Entrance Gate and Guardhouse

Scope of Work: Design and Build, Steel Erection of Gate

  1. Fabrication of 20 meters span Steel Trusses & Roofing.
  2. Construction of 24 sqm Guardhouse  (2 units sleeping quarters, 1 processing room and 1 T&B).
  3. Fabrication of 2 -6m Steel Gates (Entry/Exit).
  4. Construction of Water feature.

Shangri La’s Greenhouse Construction

Scope of Work: Steel Fabrication (Greenhouse)

  1. Removal of existing greenhouse structures.
  2. Excavation, structural foundation works (rebars & concreting).
  3. Welding works.
  4. Installation of fish net and nylon.



Elevated Water Tank

Scope of Work:  Steel Fabrication and Erection, Design and Build

  1. 15 meters steel structure
  2. capacity – 5cu.m.