Indago Corporate Office

Scope of Works: DESIGN AND BUILD

a) Architectural Works

– Concrete Floor and Carpeting Works

– Office Partitioning

– Painting Works

– Glass Works

b) Electrical Works

– Lighting and Convenience Outlets

HT Land Corporate Office

Scope of Works:

a) Architectural

– Ceiling

– Glass walls

– Wall Partitioning

– Carpeting

– Furniture Fabrication

– Installation of Lighting Fixtures

– 2 Powder Rooms

b) Mechanical Works

c) Electrical Works

d) Plumbing Works

FPT Software

Scope of Work: Fit-out Works, Design and Build (Office)

  1. Architectural Works

              -Carpeting Works

              -Office Partitioning

              -Painting Works

              -Acoustic Ceiling

              -Glass Works

  1. Electrical Works

              -Lighting and Convenience Outlet

  1.  Mechanical Works

              -Ducting and Diffuser

-Supply and Install of 1 unit 3hp wall mounted Air-conditioning Unit

  1.  Plumbing Works

              – Construction of Pantry

     5.    Fire Detection and Alarm System

-Installation of sprinkler and smoke detectors

              -Installation of fire hydrants and fire cabinets

  -Installation of emergency lights

6.  PABX

              -Cabling works