NCF Basketball Court and Site Dev’t.

Scope of Works:

a) Site Development

– 22 parking slots

– Concrete Pavement

b) FIBA Standard Basketball Court with 8 sets Bleachers

– Earthworks

– Rebar Preparation / Installation

– Concreting Works

– Welding Works (for bleachers)

– Painting Works (for column and court lines)

CBN Asia 3-Storey Building

Scope of Works: DESIGN AND BUILD

a) Architectural Works

– T&B rooms in each floor

– Balcony (Railings)

– Function Areas in each floor

b) Structural Works

– Foundation, Beams, Columns, Slab, Roof Trusses

c) Electrical Works

d) Plumbing Works

Indago Corporate Office

Scope of Works: DESIGN AND BUILD

a) Architectural Works

– Concrete Floor and Carpeting Works

– Office Partitioning

– Painting Works

– Glass Works

b) Electrical Works

– Lighting and Convenience Outlets

AFP Entrance Gate and Guardhouse

Scope of Work: Design and Build, Steel Erection of Gate

  1. Fabrication of 20 meters span Steel Trusses & Roofing.
  2. Construction of 24 sqm Guardhouse  (2 units sleeping quarters, 1 processing room and 1 T&B).
  3. Fabrication of 2 -6m Steel Gates (Entry/Exit).
  4. Construction of Water feature.