The very crucial in Building Construction business is the use of formworks. Formworks plays a vital role in construction particularly in Cebu which the region encounters frequent rains. If you are renting formworks, you have to put a lot of contingency because the moment it comes out from the formwork lessor the clock started to count.

We have the so called Monday sickness of our Field Workers. The moment they go home, they have a hard time reporting back every Monday due to the following causes as follows. 1. They could not easily take a ride from their respective provinces going to the project site. 2.Tendency they have good time drinking with their friends thus they could not easily wake up Monday morning.

Therefore the project normally experiences delays thus renting formworks must be accounted very well during your cost estimates.

Since this problem about formworks has been identified by the company, thereby, we see to it that we have formworks good for 5,000.00 sqm area. Somehow having these owned formworks will address the problem in renting and anticipating project loss in the future.

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